Judith’s mother, Becky, had become very frail. Since the death of Judith’s father and her sister’s transfer to Melbourne, Judith had become Becky’s chief carer. She was assisted by the local community service, and to some extent by her husband Michael, but her own children were far too busy to help. Suzi was working, saving up to travel, and Liam was at uni. Suzi and Liam were fond of Granma Becky, but they were not especially close. When they were little, Granma Becky and Granpa had moved from Sydney to Fiji, and the children never made the sort of bond that they did with Granma Jan.

Becky was safe enough inside her own house. Even if she was nearly blind, she knew where everything was. Judith worried about what might happen with the stove, but actually Becky had given up trying to cook anything. She ate what was put in front of her, or she complained about it:

This chicken is disgusting.

It’s fish, Mum.

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