the innocents


it was not a bad life being a sojer. it beat being a labrer like what i did before. you could have any of the village women so long as you dint pick on the wives of head men. you never went hungry except in the desert and we dint have to go into the desert very much except when we were chasing brigands and we never did that very much because if the brigands got away into the desert there wasnt much point chasing them because you never knew where they went. well sometimes you had an idea and then you chased them but usually when that happened you dint have to go very far and then you caught them and cut their throats and so you dint have time to go hungry.

true we could of been asked to go and fight a proper war across the desert with the samarites or something but that never happened to me. we just hung about jerusalem keeping the peace. the worst thing i ever had to do was when herod ordered us to kill all the little ones

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  1. Onya, or onions? This dialectic intrigues. Grammar v Correctness?

    Kevin O’Doherty Tempus Carum Valde Utendum


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