Mr Llampe

Mr Llampe regarded himself in the mirror. He did not see the three black hairs that grew like leeches on the broad tip of his nose, just as he did not see the blackheads that pocked the valleys on either side of his nostrils. Mr Llampe was shortsighted but had never become aware that the soft focus with which he viewed the world was intrinsic to him rather than to things. In consequence he had a generous and kindly nature. What Mr Llampe saw about his face was that his eyes were dark and soft as the eyes of a dog and that his lips were full and smiling. He did not imagine that he was a handsome man but he surely imagined that his good nature was apparent to all around him. Indeed he imagined that the goodness that he wished upon the world shone out from him like light or warmth.

This was a comfort to Mr Llampe in his loneliness. 

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What this suggests I do not know
but here it is — away you go!

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