The Lord Mayor’s Disease

The Honourable Jeremy Bingham, Lord Mayor of Sydney, 1989-1991, shown at his desk in the Town Hall.

The Lord Mayor’s Disease, first described by my father, is an affliction not only of mayors but also of leaders high and low. For more on signs and symptoms, prevention and cure, click here.


  1. As someone who occasionally deals with a long ex-Lord Mayor of Sydney, in some cases the sense of self-importance never goes away!


    • Hi Stephen,
      Indeed — it is a terrible side-effect of achievement, but it affects different people differently. We all admire leaders who keep their feet on the ground and who remain modest before during and after their time of power.

      I write that, and then I think: so how come Trump has any admirers at all? I find him disgusting in every way, but some people love his narcissism and his bragging.



  2. Was it psychology you studied? Or ought to if not.

    Very enjoyable, all the moreso because it is salient.

    Clover is Moss, no longer a mere More.

    Kevin O’Doherty Tempus Carum Valde Utendum


  3. Craig,

    You rascal and/or scallywag.

    I’m just starting to read.

    You have this proved that few of us really know each other.

    Pending further reading and our future discussion, my father took pride in asserting that he knew the ‘seed, breed and generation’ of nearly all citizens in Derry.

    As I am a fish out of water in Sydney, I cannot compete with his complete confidence.

    I will be in touch.

    Sláinte Kevin

    Kevin O’Doherty Tempus Carum Valde Utendum


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